2.3. Reading and comprehension
  • It´s time to practice pronunciation, read the following text by yourself.



My best friend is called Ernesto, and he is my classmate, we go to school together. Ernesto comes from an educated family. His father is a school principal and his mother is a teacher. He is punctual, well educated, and has good manners. He is friendly, clever and hardworking. He always does his homework. He is also well dressed and well behaved; all the teachers have a high opinion of him. Ernesto has a well-built body; he is tall and slim and has small blue eyes and curly brown hair. He likes to do different stuffs. He takes part in all sports, scout and mountaineering activities and he also likes to play the guitar. He has a good heart. He is truthful, honest and obedient. Ernesto makes his parents very proud of him. He secures good marks and is usually top of his class in examinations. He inspires me to work harder. He keeps me away from bad company. I am happy to have such a friend.