2.5.1. My life's project
  • Now after the teacher´s explanation is the time to work on your life´s project by talking about your dreams and goals to achieve in your life
  • Use will, going to, shall, would in four chapters full of personal information.
  • The chapter number one is going to be written in simple present by talking about your name, nationality, age, school grade, likes, dislikes, abilities, activities on free time, dreams, passions and the importance your family has in your life by describing them all. Finally you talk about the goals that you have reached in your life.
    • Who I am? (chapter 1)
    • My life in one year (chapter 2)
    • My life in five years (chapter 3)
    • My life in twenty years (chapter 4)
  • Work on a Word file and upload it to the platform with your name.