2.2.1. Theory and concepts. (Conceptos que debemos aprender)
  • Some important things we need to learn.

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When we ask about a person´s appearance we say: What´s she like? Or What´s he like?

It means something like: Como es su apariencia?

We can talk about a person´s height, body weight, eye colour, face shape, skin colour, even personality and always we need to use the “adjectives”; then, if we don´t practice and memorize the adjectives, we are not going to be able to describe a person.

It is very necessary and relevant to know how to use the possessive adjectives and some verbs to describe. (es muy necesario reconocer y saber aplicar los posesivos).

It is important the use of apostrophe; that is a special sign that mean that a noun has got something or it deserves to him, her or it.

The famous verb to be is very necessary too; in this way, you can do a perfect description about a person and the people around you will understand everything you say. Look at the following example:

Shakira is a Colombian woman; she is a short girl but very beautiful, she has an athletic body and her personality is really amazing. Shakira´s voice is very original!

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